About The Site

Welcome to the world as seen through the eyes of Poko Hunter. My life is an ordinary one in my eyes, but a strange and unorthodox one in the eyes of others.

A good friend of mine once suggested that I write it all down. This was back in 2008. The same guy asked me the same question early in 2018…so I took it as a challenge and said, Screw it, let me do it.

I am very sure you are either curious or offended as to why I used the name Poko Hunter. Whatever your opinion, please share it. I love input irrespective of the attitude and the bias of it.

To the feminists out there, I love women. But that does not mean I should love them at the expense of  being afraid of expressing myself. If you wanna debate…first take a deep look at your argument and see it is based on bias, bruised ego and beliefs or that you have a vendetta against men being men.

The views expressed herein will be done using the language my hero and President of the Philipines would use. President Duterte does not mince words. Neither will I.

Also to note, is that I am a big fan of cryptocurencies. So, sometimes I will be sharing crypto news and my biased opinion about them.